A Silent Fame

As a drop of boon took birth in a far-off island,

Alien would have been his name;

But his deeds and actions as great as he, in Ireland

Immensely, we feel today his widespread fame.

Not an army led, not even a movement started;

Simply preached what was taught to him in little prayers,

And flooded a wave of “Edmundian Culture” around, that lasted

Not just days or months but stretching years.

Laboured modestly in his humane cause with God’s Grace,

A vision and a dream followed him vividly.

“Christian Brothers”, let us embrace;

His dream is a solid reality now, literally.

“Blessed” being entitled glorifies Sir Edmund Ignatius Rice,

His deeds for every generation – a living epitome –

Our prayers for him; a pathway to God in praise,

And faith in those prayers, a choice to make on our own.

Composed in 2011 by Edmundian – Pritam Singha

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