Words of The Wise Man.

“Little Princess, I know of a man who lived in a world where he speculated consequences of dreams and anticipated sweetness of reality. He had castles built upon the idea of love but he had no foundation of honesty and truth. He walked barefoot upon bleak and dry hard soil of laziness while singing songs of freedom. Someone told me he had the indentation of materialistic things on his mind and heart. And I  heard he really had the bare audacity of getting involved in what seems was never his business. He never bothered hard work- neither his own nor others. He had fun defaming and conspiring against his folks. He disrespected kindness.One day I heard he blew his own mind by filling it with things that was never really his own and that became the death of him . Little Princess, you have to do what’s yours to do, don’t speculate and anticipate much, respect kindness, trust and believe in your own hard work so that in the end you don’t blow your own mind.”

A flower in a thorny stem – “Azealia Kharbuli”.

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