Submission Guidelines


Anytng Orginal accepts any original literary forms such as stories whether short or long, fiction or based on real events; poetries, book reviews, movie reviews, articles, commentaries, jokes, quotes, photographs among others. We believe everyone has something original to share to others.


We believe that originality is prime focus so our contributors should adhere to that. Plagiarism check will be performed on every submission we receive.


Manuscripts should be submitted in any font style, but preferable in Times Roman. Font size should be 12 with at least 1.5 cm margin and 1.5 cm spacing. Author’s name, address, contact number and email id must be written on top of the manuscript. There can be multiple authors for the same manuscript. Categories under which it is being submitted should also be mentioned in the manuscript. We will receive manuscripts in both .doc and .pdf format.

Word Count:

Short Stories: For the short stories the maximum word limit should be 1000 words or around 2 pages.

Long Stories: For the longer version of the stories the maximum word limit should be 2000 words or around 4 pages.

Articles/Movie Reviews/Book Reviews/Commentaries: The maximum word limit for these genres should be within 2000 words or 4 pages.

Poetries: For Poetries there is no word limit as such but shorter poetries are preferable.

Photographs: While submitting photographs, caption or the description of the Photograph should be given. These descriptions should be short and crisp.

Review Process

Manuscript once received will be screened out by the editors and check for plagiarism will be performed. Besides, suitability of the manuscript will be seen. If the manuscript is found suitable then it will be sent to the reviewer/s for further review. Based on reviewers comment the manuscript may be published or asked for major or minor improvement. Unsuitable manuscript may be rejected based on reviewer’s comment.

Response Time:

Our response time may vary from a week to a month.

Multiple Submission:

Multiple submissions by the same author is permissible


Anytng Orginal will show appreciation to high quality original works from time to time, which could be in the form of ‘Best Original Work(s) of the Month’, ‘Best Original Work(s) of the Year’, etc.

Where to submit:

Manuscript should be sent to

In case of further queries:

Please Contact Us (for details please check ‘Contact Us’ Tab)